Arctic Frontiers: Two ACCIBERG presentations will take place at the Arctic Frontiers meeting, held from 29 January - 2 February 2024 in Tromsø. Both will take place on Wednesday 31st in the Science session "Navigating a Changing Arctic: Innovations for Sustainable Maritime Development. Part 2". Laurent Bertino from NERSC and Daniel Befort from ECMWF will present their work.

ACCIBERG Meeting: The next meeting takes place on Friday 2nd February at the Fram Center in Tromsø, after the Arctic Frontiers conference. This will be a hybrid meeting with online participation available, running from 09:30 - 15:30 (so that travelers have a chance to reach home before the week end).
Morning: Progress in WP2 and WP3
Afternoon: Discussion of WP4
Laurent and Daniel will available in Tromsø on Thursday for collaborative work.

Lagrangian iceberg drift model: We have a first rudimentary version of the Lagrangian iceberg drift model code in Opendrift, only following winds and currents so far.

ICECAP: ECMWF is putting the last touches to ICECAP, the stochastic sea ice forecast validation package. WP2 will meet online on 15th Jan to showcase it.

Radiative transfer model: MET Norway is almost ready with the tuning of the Wentz radiative transfer model

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