ACCIBERG Stakeholder Workshop

8th November 2024, 9am – 12:30pm, hybrid event

CNR ARTOV, Tor Vergata, Frascati, Italy

The workshop will give practical demonstrations on:

1) How to validate ensemble sea ice forecasts from the Copernicus Marine and Climate Change Services with the ICECAP package. (ECMWF)

2) How to run iceberg simulations with the OpenDrift package. (NERSC/MET Norway)

3) How to use the EDITO platform (Mercator Ocean International).

Newsletter No. 2 January 2024

Arctic Frontiers: Two ACCIBERG presentations will take place at the Arctic Frontiers meeting, held from 29 January - 2 February 2024 in Tromsø. Both will take place on Wednesday 31st in the Science session "Navigating a Changing Arctic: Innovations for Sustainable Maritime Development. Part 2". Laurent Bertino from NERSC and Daniel Befort from ECMWF will present their work.